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Hello Yoga Kin, Let's create some PEACE through Practices of Energy, Action, Creativity, & Ethics ....

Curriculum for Children

I am a body moving... on the earth's body.
I am a body breathing... the sky's air.
Thank you Earth 
Thank you Sky.

In our movement, 
we play with our friend Gravity. 
we grow roots, we blossom.... 
we swim and we fly! 

Smell one flower... blow one candle. 
Smell two flowers... blow two candles.     
Smell three flowers... blow three candles.           
Smell four flowers... blow four candles.    
Smell five flowers... blow five candles.   
Reach up high for a clap...
To give yourself your own high-FIVE.     

Sit cross legged. Rooted.
Reach the arms wide, heart between them beating.
Use one hand strong on the ground for support.
With finger paints of the imagination
Paint a rainbow up up high
Over your head. 
Tilting, breathing
Then sit quietly, eyes closed, heart beating.
Experiencing the colors floating above you.

I am peaceful... 
I am gentle... 
I am kind. 
We are peaceful... we are gentle... we are kind.

so they could practice independently in their classroom, 
having learned all of these things in their yoga classes with Teacher Audrey.
Orange box:  Belly rises for table pose. Put a candle on your table.. blow it out!
Purple box:  Become four legged like many animals we know.  This is dog pose.  
Run, run, run, run... then rest and make a drum!
Pink box:  "Row row row your boat... Life is...
Yes, like a dream!

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