yoga kin.... yoga kin..... yoga kin..... yoga kin....... yoga kin.....

Hello Yoga Kin, Let's create some PEACE through Practices of Energy, Action, Creativity, & Ethics ....

Audrey Kindred, Teacher of PEACEFUL YOGA

I teach children of all ages and adults classes that range from "yoga" to "creative movement" to "ethical body." Ethical Body is a term I use to refer to how one embodies their greatest hopes.  In practical terms, this means creating an action-based toolbox for awareness, self-guidance and choice making, so that we can experience, interpret, and manage our most challenging feelings well.  At the core of my work with people is compassion, creativity, breath and motion.

If you'd like me to hire me to visit your school or community center for a class series, I'd love to do this.
Prices are negotiable. You can email me at: and  For public schools, I can be hired as a DOE vendor through Bidder ID# AUD000534.


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