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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Recently, I took a yoga class that moved me to a new space. My back-body.
"Audrey, welcome," said my back-body.  "I have been waiting for your arrival for a long long time. How did you find me?"

I never knew I hadn't found my back-body until... I landed in its palm. Standing up, I was resting.  I was vertically laying in my tall long back-body as easefully as I lie down, as supported, as cradled, as held.  The presence of my whole body released itself completely, trusting my back-body and the gorgeous surrender it was welcoming from me. My back-body gently guided me down the street, all of me sinking toward it. This feeling is hard to put into words.  I felt utterly safe and yet undefended.  I had no armor. My front body fell into me like rushing water.  Like a baby's trusting body asleep and peaceful against it's mama's torso.  Like wind blowing daffodil seeds.  I was faceless feeling and radiantly illuminated. I was open and unafraid.

What helped me find this new experience of my body?  Marcella Clavijo is my teacher, and she was leading a slow prop-filled Iyengar based basics class.  She leads a kind of yoga which is not about getting into the sweaty flow.  She teaches a kind of science that is deeply informative. I listen astutely to every detail, like an utter beginner, a decade and a half in the making!  We hang upside down from wall-belts -- a technology that is quite new for me.  I am ready to be born, hanging upside down like this. My spine is lengthening exponentially! The pose does itself to me -- while I undo, to allow.

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