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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teaching PEACE through motion and breath

Look at the sky. It's big and variable and mutates with influences and necessities. But it's deep nature is truly consistent.

I like to think I teach from my sky-mind, to connect to the needs of the day.

Some of my core yearnings as I teach:
1. To experience the simple radical nature of breathing on purpose. Of moving with breath. 
2. To experience the revolution of turning our brain upside down, or putting our heart and organs above our brain -- by turning upside down. 
3. To experience both the awe and the humbleness born of relating to nature. 
4. To experience embodiment of the breath, the motion, the stillness. 
5.  To empower the perspectives born of compassion.  Compassion for self, for others, for Earth

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